When you are building your resume, you want to write your resume for the job description. When you build your resume for the job description, employers are more likely to take notice. Writing for the job description increases the chances that you will get called for an interview. You don’t need a resume builder or resume maker program to write a professional resume, all you need to know is what they are looking for and then you can build your resume to match their requirements.


  1. Great Advice.
    Pls consider that some Hiring Managers do not prepare job description properly (i.e. They do not know what they want, or they have jobs set aside). This creates quiet a frustration both for HR manager and the applicant.
    Anyhow, now a days computers are doing the short listing using the same techniques.
    I am all supportive of BLIND RECRUITING if businesses want to grow in this century; Buddy system only brings buddies not business.

  2. So I'm planning on going to a job fair. I know I need to research the companies and their jobs before I go. Do I write a general resume or should I write a resume for each company I'm interested in?

  3. Thanks! Sounds very promising with one assumption, those requirements are built properly. I have faced a few times that decision-makers have no clue what was in the job description. HR places its own understanding and in most cases just copy-paste from recently seen and liked ones.

  4. Don, in relation to the point "sunny" made in comment below, when use the term " cut out" unnecessary job experience that may not exactly relate to the expectations & or job listing details, what if last few yrs worth of most recent job history doesn't involve and or completely correlate around the details of the new position and how would it be possible to assume hiring managers are more responsive towards "targeted" resumes built around the idea of position specific keywords/job description details in the event the individual applicant was forced to remove say for instance "three yrs worth of most recent job experience" in effort to highlight the two long-term previous job experiences that involved the relatable job experience/training identical to the "job expectations" mentioned in the job listing description pertaining to job we are applying for at that time – i mean could you confirm whether or not a resume reflecting such a extended GAP would in fact be more suitable than a compressed resume without the gap??

  5. How do you respond / well explain you have not worked for 5 yrs been applying for SSI, but took up a course took a yr to do grad 2018 still haven’t found work just have problems with my depression / studied medical billing and coding did graduate with honors.. I have no idea how to explain 5 yr gap if you can give any suggestion I truly appreciate it.. thank you

  6. Hi Don , hope you are doing well us usual very very interested video valuable and professional I always follow your instruction and learn from you lots, all the interviews i went before I passed because I use all your technic, Thank you very much Don, I wish if I am living close by to you we need someone professional like you, if you don't mind I would like to show you my resume as a medical administrative, as I am looking for a new job, I just need your advice if my resume good, your opinion is very important to me you always lead me to the right direction do you have any email to contact you I am from Canada Toronto…with my best regards

  7. Hey Don, I was told once that there shouldn't be any "gap" in a resume ( in the sense if I leave out a job that I was doing for a year, the HR might ask me for example : what we're you doing between 2009 and 2010?) I want to use your hack but I'm afraid this might happen! You helped me once before to find a job so thanks for that! 😊

  8. hi don, good advice again, one question i have been working for 20 yrs can i leave out my earlier jobs because last one interviewer told me my cv is long but it is only 2 pages. thanks keep giving us the tips

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