iOS 12 and ARKit 2 means that multiple iPhones and iPads all see the same augmented reality. At WWDC 2018, we played a slingshot game with the new tools.


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  1. Hi, i have 1 question. (ARkit + Unity + UNet)
    When 1st player make room(Lan host), he spawned on 0 0 0 in unity scene.
    After, when 2nd player joined to 1st, i want spawn him in position like real world. I mean, how to detect positions between phones in real life?

  2. No big deal. I have done this 5 years ago using my own engine C++/OpenGL framework (notice simple graphics) and Vuforia. The only thing different is that this uses SLAM and Vuforia needed an image to tracker on the table. Dont see what the noise is all about. What I would like to see is AR glasses. Period.


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