Today on BMF we are checking out all of the Oculus Quest Multiplayer games you can play on the Quest. There are social/multiplayer games for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for not judging OrbusVR too much even though you don't have alot of game time. Unlike someone who reviewed it, and I saw he had 1 hour of play time, and called it the worst vr game. Makes me sick for someone to be that against something they barely tried

  2. Bonus Game: A Township Tale. Involves Oculus link or Virtual Desktop but is a very fun game. The community is very helpful and I’d totally recommend it…

    If I had it that is..

  3. Mainly for myself to be able to refer back to this video.

    00:00 Intro
    00:33 Elven Assassin
    01:10 Orbus VR
    02:02 Rush
    02:39 TribeXR DJ School
    03:06 SculptrVR
    03:34 Kingspray
    04:18 Half + Half
    04:40 Rec Room
    05:10 Bigscreen
    05:53 Creed
    06:17 Dead & Buried II
    06:46 Wander
    07:13 Racoon Lagoon
    07:40 Sports Scramble
    08:04 Cloudlands 2
    08:34 Eleven Table Tennis + Racket Fury
    09:14 Racket NX
    09:40 Poker VR + Pokerstars VR
    10:09 Skyworld
    10:39 Drop Dead
    11:04 Arizona Sunshine
    11:36 Swords of Gargantua
    12:08 VR Karts
    12:23 Dash Dash World
    12:49 Death Lap
    13:12 Sairento VR
    13:47 Path of the Warrior
    14:18 Acron
    14:49 Dance Central
    15:16 Star Trek Bridge Crew
    15:43 Wands
    16:08 VR Chat + AltSpace VR
    16:44 Bonus Games (sideloaded)

  4. Ok awesome, needs instead of split screen like old software, VR soon should have own screen each headset for couples local 2 players for upgraded VR Games. Couples and families love to play together easy instead of taking forever trying to find each other online. Plus couples love to watch movies and work together with screen shares and such. Online and 4glte local movies games and work would be the best with switchable memory cards for mobile and road living as well as all the people who use only mobile 4G LTE and up internet services because most people don't like or need to pay for internet service twice. Everyone will spend extra for mobile hook ups with the service already using anyways. Movies are watched nowadays without paying for two internet services but people will pay extra for movies and games and mobile work with families and couples software combined with removable data cards for unlimited purchases.


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